The Frisbee Dog Halftime Show Will Leave Fans Thrilled & Entertained

Everyone loves dogs, and even more popular are dogs that do tricks.  When it comes to providing a halftime show that everyone loves, why not surprise them all with a frisbee dog halftime show that rocks the house?  Everyone is always amazed by a Frisbee Dog show, and they are the perfect entertainment for any event.  The fans in your crowd will be pumped up while the main event takes a much-needed break, or you need a halftime entertainment break, then The K9’s in Flight are able to help.  With K9’s in Flight, there will be an elevated level of excitement that is the perfect addition to any event.  There isn’t a crowd that won’t be amazed by these wonderful, playful pooches that have gone from “homeless to high-flying.”

The World-Famous Frisbee Dog Show will keep your fans focused on the event, watching our amazing dogs and their families perform the most spectacular tricks.  Our Frisbee dog show’s unique combination of theater, flexibility, and vigor makes for one of the most unforgettable entertainment options for your crowd.  Another benefit of the K9’s in Flight Dog Ground Act Show?  It supports a great cause!  When you book the K9’s in Flight crew you can help spread the word with the knowledge that for over 20 years, K9’s in Flight has worked to turn homeless dogs into highly trained and disciplined frisbee magicians whose talents have dazzled audiences all across the United States and beyond.

K9’s in Flight provides dynamic and entertaining frisbee dog ground act shows in the country.  Feel free to contact us today for more information or check out our website at to learn more.