Boundless Energy and Unforgettable Moments – Uncover the Magic of K9’s in Flight

Boundless Energy and Unforgettable Moments – Uncover the Magic of K9’s in Flight

Join us on an unforgettable journey into the world of K9’s in Flight, where the boundless energy of these incredible dogs translates into awe-inspiring ground acts and halftime shows that will leave you breathless.

At K9’s in Flight, we invite you to witness the magic and marvel at the sheer power and agility of our exceptional canine performers. Our one-of-a-kind K9 Sports Show is a testament to breaking free from the norms of average dog acts. From high-flying Frisbee displays to captivating ground acts, our performances are nothing short of extraordinary.

Prepare to be captivated by the boundless energy that radiates from our canine stars. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and as they soar through the air, performing breathtaking stunts and catching discs with precision, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, unable to look away.

From fan-favorite NBA, NFL, and NCAA Frisbee Dog Halftime Shows to our professional Ground Acts tailored for Theme Parks, Fairs, Festivals, and special events, K9’s in Flight consistently delivers a level of entertainment that cannot be matched. The proof lies in our TV appearances on renowned networks such as ESPN, The Disney Channel, and thrilling halftime performances at NFL and NBA games.

What sets K9’s in Flight apart is not only their incredible performances but also their remarkable backgrounds. These “homeless to high-flying” dogs have been rescued or adopted from the streets and shelters across the country. Through our show, we emphasize the significance of pet adoption and the profound bond between humans and our four-legged friends.

We invite you to experience the ultimate entertainment your audience craves. Let our “homeless to high-flying” dogs infuse your event with an electrifying energy and leave your guests with smiles that last a lifetime. Come, be a part of the boundless energy and unforgettable moments that make K9’s in Flight a true spectacle. Learn more at: