Barking Buccaneers

Pirate Act / Dog Show

‘Barking Buccaneers’, produced by K9s in flight, is a “theme” show that brings your audience back to the days of the High Seas, Pirates and their  best “barking” friends, performing the “Buccaneer” version of he the top K9s In Flight. The Show features Rope (Frisbee) catching, Wood (High-Jump) Stand Jumping, and the dogs don’t “walk the plank’, they run and dive off of it into the high blue seas as the Ship Plank (dock-diving) water diving!  All three K9 sports in a fun Pirate themed production that is fun for the whole family!

The “Barking Buccaneers” Show brings you the same action and excitement as the “K9s in Flight ” amazing “ground act”, but with a Pirate swashbuckling style! These amazing ‘Barking Buccaneers’ athletes, are also “homeless to high flying” adopted dogs an most importantly all of these pups are family and we live, travel, eat, drink and sleep together! The incredible bond and love is obvious in every performance, and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face!

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